Category: Ubuntu Apps

LibreOffice 6.0 For Ubuntu

Download LibreOffice 6.0

Download LibreOffice 6.0 for Ubuntu and instantly experience one of the best if not the best Microsoft Office alternatives available. It is free of course and this new version has new icons and plenty of new features.

Install Joplin For Ubuntu

Download Joplin For Ubuntu

Try Joplin for Ubuntu and experience one of the best Evernote alternative available for Linux for free.

Tor Browser on Ubuntu

Download Tor for Ubuntu

Get Tor for Ubuntu and experience a safe, secure, fast and reliable browser for your Linux OS. Visit blocked websites privately.

OpenShot on Ubuntu

Download OpenShot For Ubuntu

Get OpenShot for Ubuntu Linux & instantly have access to one of the best video editors used by both beginners and professionals.

GIMP Photoshop Layout

Download Gimp For Ubuntu

Try GIMP For Ubuntu & instantly have the ability to edit and manipulate almost any image format with Photoshop-like features and plugins.

uTorrent For Linux

Download uTorrent For Ubuntu

Try uTorrent for Ubuntu Linux and instantly have the best Bittorrent client available. Fast speeds, safe, reliable and it is still free.

Download Mailspring For Ubuntu

Try Mailspring for Linux Ubuntu and instantly experience one of the best free email apps on the market. It’s fast, lean and looks amazing.