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Play Euro Truck 2 on Ubuntu

The Best Games for Ubuntu 22.04

Download the best Ubuntu games for 22.04 and choose for yourself which new game you want to try, choose from shooting games, rpg, sports and simulations with screenshots and unique features listed for each game.

Download Minecraft Game

Get Minecraft for Ubuntu and play one of the most popular games ever with improved graphics, smooth controls and awesome gameplay.

Login to Discord on Ubuntu

Download Discord for Ubuntu

Get Discord for Ubuntu and experience a smooth and fun cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers on Linux.

Accelerate automotive 3D models with vGPU | Ubuntu

Accelerate automotive 3D models with vGPU | Ubuntu

In previous blog posts, we’ve covered digital twins in the automotive industry and how they can help further the development of autonomous vehicles, among other use cases. We’ve also explored how to speed up...