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Browse a list of some of the most popular Ubuntu & Linux games, of course we also include and regularly feature fresh Ubuntu games that you might have not heard about just yet.

Most of these games also work on other popular Linux OS’s and we usually mention that when we make the post.

We update this category constantly but we are always looking for new Games to showcase to everyone. Do not be shy, please contact us and tell us if we think we should feature your game or another game that you think people should definitely give a chance.

Best Ubuntu Games to download right now

» American Truck Simulator For Ubuntu

» Counter-Strike:GO For Ubuntu

» Dota 2 For Ubuntu

» Minecraft For Ubuntu

Mandemon official logo

Download Mandemon Game

Get Mandemon for Ubuntu and experience playing a mystery RPG story where each choice you make has its own consequences.

Last Epoch Official Header

Download Last Epoch Game

Get Last Epoch for Ubuntu and enjoy an action packed action RPG with time-travel, deep character customization, and immersive gameplay.

Big Ambitions official logo

Download Big Ambitions Game

Get Big Ambitions for Ubuntu and experience the life of a CEO, start from the bottom and work your way up.

Stellaris header

Download Stellaris Game

Get Stellaris for Ubuntu and experience a game that is set in space where you control alien civilizations as you try to survive.

RimWorld Biotech logo

Download RimWorld Biotech Game

Download RimWorld Biotech for Ubuntu and experience a colony simulation with deep upgrade mechanics and improved graphics.

The Wandering Village official logo

Download The Wandering Village Game

Get The Wandering Village for Ubuntu and experience a unique city-building simulation game on the back of a giant, wandering creature.