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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024
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Hello everyone, you can download Krita for Ubuntu, before you do that, I hope you are having a great day. I have been missing for the last couple of days, wonder why? I have been working on a couple of projects including rearranging my garden.

Anyway, today we focus on yet another Photoshop Alternative for Linux that we think might make you look twice, and that alternative is Krita like I mentioned earlier. This powerful, open-source digital painting software has been steadily gaining popularity among artists and designers, thanks to its impressive set of features and intuitive interface. Krita has proven to be a viable choice for those looking to switch from Photoshop or simply seeking an accessible, cost-effective solution on the Linux platform. Krita’s bread and butter is the extensive brush library which it’s users, like myself, completely love and probably the main reason I still use it from time to time, especially when I want to animate something. On top of that and non-destructive editing capabilities cater to artists and designers alike. Krita’s active community offers valuable resources and support for learning the program. Let us know in the comments what you think about if you decide to try it.

Install Krita on Ubuntu

Download Krita on Linux

What is Krita About?

Krita boasts an intuitive interface, allowing users to customize the settings menu by selecting color themes, toolbars, dockers, and modifying keyboard shortcuts. Users can save specific docker configurations as workspaces and easily switch between them. The canvas is effortlessly rotatable and mirrorable, and the OpenGL canvas is compatible with high-bit depth monitors. A variety of options enable users to establish a distraction-free, canvas-only painting mode.

Brush engines in Krita extend beyond simple brush patterns with adjustable settings, as each engine possesses unique logic and behavior. The provided engines include pixel, smudge, duplicate, filter, hairy, hatching, texture, chalk, color smudge, curve, deform, dyna, experiment (Alchemy), grid, particle, sketch, and spray brushes. Users can save brush settings as presets, share them, and access an impressive range of blending modes, which are organized by category and feature favorites at the top of the list.

Krita provides numerous ways to select parts of the canvas for editing. Selection tools include shapes like rectangles and circles, painting-based selection, polygon selection, color-based selection, and Bezier-based selection. Users can add, subtract, or intersect selections and select layer content through context-clicking the layer and choosing “select opaque.” Transparency layers can be created independently or added to existing layers, offering a valuable tool for non-destructive edits.

Krita Features:

  • Customizable Interface: Krita offers a user-friendly and highly customizable interface, allowing users to choose color themes, toolbars, dockers, and edit keyboard shortcuts according to their preferences.
  • Advanced Brush Engines: Krita includes a variety of brush engines, each with unique logic and behavior, such as pixel, smudge, duplicate, filter, and texture brushes. These engines enable artists to create diverse effects and styles in their work.
  • Blending Modes: Krita provides an extensive array of blending modes, which allow users to combine layers and create unique visual effects. The blending modes are organized by category, making it easy to find and apply the desired effect.
  • Selection Tools: Krita offers a range of selection tools, such as shape-based selection (rectangles, circles), painting-based selection, polygon selection, color-based selection, and Bezier-based selection. These tools make it easier to isolate and edit specific parts of the canvas.
  • Layer and Transparency Management: Krita supports a robust layer management system, including the ability to create and manipulate transparency layers. This feature enables non-destructive editing and helps artists maintain flexibility throughout the creative process.

Krita Screenshots

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