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Photo-TonerHello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday. My Friday is going great so far. I just bought a new phone, I lost my old phone a couple of weeks ago at a bar, please don’t ask lol, anyway read on…

Today we will focus on powerful Linux image editor that is taking the Ubuntu community by storm. I introduce you to Fotoxx, again, they could have chosen a better name for their software but it is worth a download none the less. Lets dive in to what makes this image editing app a true alternative to Photoshop apps and the likes.

Why You Should Try Fotoxx On Linux

Fotoxx is a free open source Linux program for photo and image editing and collection management.
The goal is to meet the needs of serious photographers while remaining fast and easy to use.

Browse a large image collection using a thumbnail browser, click on an image to view or edit. A rich set of edit and retouch functions is available (see examples below). Import RAW files and edit with deep color. Save revised images as JPEG, BMP, PNG (8/16 bits), or TIFF (8/16). Select an object or area within an image (freehand outline, follow edges, select matching tones, … ), apply edit functions, copy and paste, resize, blend, warp, etc. without using layers. Edit functions have fast feedback using the full image. Add metadata (tags, geotags, dates, ratings, captions …) to images. Search images using any metadata and/or folder and file names or partial names. Click on a marked map location to see all photos from that location. Batch functions are available for renaming, adding metadata, moving, resizing. Fotoxx uses your image files wherever they are and maintains a separate index for fast searching. Fotoxx is standards compliant and can be used with other photo edit programs

Fotoxx Features

  • Thumbnail browser and navigator, variable thumbnail size or list view.
  • Click on a thumbnail image to view or edit, or use a File Open dialog.
  • View and edit most image formats and camera RAW formats.
  • Internal edit calculations use float-32 (24 bits per color).
  • Menu-driven function selection, with toolbar for frequent functions.
  • Edits have live feedback using the whole image or zoomed section.
  • Edits are accumulated. Stepwise undo/redo and before/after compare.
  • Edit the whole image or a selected object or area within the image.
  • Use the mouse to select/enclose an object or area to edit. No layers.
  • Select using freehand draw, follow edge, spread into matching tones, others.
  • Selections can be cut out, saved, pasted, resized, rotated, edited.
  • Zoom in/out with mouse clicks or mouse wheel. Edit zoomed image.
  • Scroll/pan a zoomed image by dragging the mouse, also diagonally.
  • Save edited image: replace, save as new file version, save as new file name.
  • Saved image formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG (8/16 bits/color), TIFF (8/16).
  • Comprehensive user guide is available in English, Spanish and Italian.

Fotoxx Screenshot

Install Fotoxx on Ubuntu

Manually Install Fotoxx On Ubuntu

Type These Terminal Commands:
1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
2. sudo apt-get update
3. sudo apt-get install fotoxx

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