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Sublime Text official logo

Sublime Text for Linux

Get Sublime Text for Ubuntu and Linux to experience using a text editor known for code, markup and prose, for beginners and pros.

PowerShell logo

PowerShell for Ubuntu

Get PowerShell for Ubuntu and experience using the powerful scripting language that can allow to do almost anything.

Thunderbird official logo

Download Thunderbird for Ubuntu

Get Thunderbird for Ubuntu and experience a free and open-source email, newsfeed, chat, and calendaring client for your Linux OS.

Official Firefox logo

Download Firefox for Ubuntu

Get Firefox for Ubuntu and experience the classic browser with an updated modern look, feel and privacy improvements.

Tangram official logo

Download Tangram for Ubuntu

Get Tangram for Ubuntu and experience a unique browser for managing web apps. Its persistent tabs let you set multiple accounts on each tab.

Official logo for Jami

Download Jami for Ubuntu

Get Jami for Ubuntu and experience using a social chatting app that offers end-to-end encrypted voice, video, and file sharing services.

Audacity official logo

Download Audacity for Ubuntu

Get Audacity for Ubuntu and experience an app that comes with a multi-track audio editor and many recording features.

Steam Link official logo

Download Steam Link for Ubuntu

Get Steam Link for Ubuntu and experience true gaming from your Steam library at home or even on the go, play any game you have.

The Best Software for Ubuntu 22.04

Get the best Ubuntu software & choose which app you want to try, text editors, browsers, download managers with screenshots & features.