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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
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Hello everyone, you can now download OpenShot for Ubuntu, a very popular video editor for Linux users and Windows users as well. Today we will feature OpenShot, easily one of the best video editing apps on Ubuntu, period. On top of all this, it is free and is regularly updated with new features and options. It works flawlessly on Ubuntu 22.04/21.10. Let’s find out what else makes OpenShot one of the top video editors on the Linux OS.

Install OpenShot for Ubuntu

Download OpenShot for Linux

What Is OpenShot About?

OpenShot comes with a powerful key frame animation framework, capable of an unlimited number of key frames and animation possibilities. Key frames interpolation mode can be quadratic bezier curves, linear, or constant, which determines how the animated values are calculated. Based on the powerful Ff mpeg library, OpenShot can read and write most video and image formats. For a full list of supported formats, see the FFmpeg project. OpenShot’s export dialog defaults to some of the more common formats, but with the advanced tab, you can use any FFmpeg format.

Clips on the timeline can be adjusted in many ways, including scaling, trimming, rotation, alpha, snapping, and adjusting X,Y location. These properties can also be animated over time with just a few clicks! You can also use our transform tool to interactively resize clips.

Tracks are used to layer images, videos, and audio in a project. You can create as many layers as needed, such as watermarks, background audio tracks, background videos, etc… Any transparency will show through the layer below it. Tracks can also be moved up, down, or locked.

Render amazing 3D animations inside OpenShot, powered by the wonderful, open-source Blender application. OpenShot comes with more than 20 animations, and lets you adjust colors, sizes, length, text, and many render properties (such as reflectivity, bevel, extrude, and more).

OpenShot has many great audio editing features built-in, such as displaying waveforms on the timeline, or even rendering the waveform as part of your video. You can also split the audio from your video clip, and adjust each audio channel individually.

OpenShot includes many video effects (with more on the way). Drag a video effect onto your clip, and adjust it’s properties (many which can be animated). Adjust brightness, gamma, hue, greyscale, chroma key, and much more! Combined with transitions, animation, and time control, OpenShot is an extremely powerful video editor.

OpenShot Screenshots

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