Best Ubuntu Themes for 22.04

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great so far in 2023 even with the pandemic behind us, mostly, we must still stay strong and hope that it ends very soon, besides that, I really hope you are all doing just fine, life is tough but your own faith and hope can carry you past the gates of hell itself. Anyway, on this post, we have listed the best Ubuntu themes for 22.04 LTS but of course, if you have another version of Ubuntu or another Debian based Linux, most if not all of all these themes will work just fine. If you have older versions of Ubuntu up to 20.04, these things will also work just fine.

Today we will rank the best of the best Ubuntu themes to start your new life with Ubuntu 22.04 and above. These themes are all certified pure and fresh, meaning they will not slow down your system or make any crazy changes to your system, they will simply do their job and make sure you like what you see every time you wake up to use your computer. We have a mixture of Gnome and GTK themes. If you want us to remove/add or update something on this page, please contact us. Enjoy.

Best Themes on Ubuntu

#1. Adapta Theme

Adapta Theme For LinuxAdapta theme on Ubuntu

Adapta is a theme that features two themes packaged together. Adapta and Adapta-Nokto. Adapta has a Light or Dark theme for GTK and Budgie-Desktop. If you are using Gnome or Cinnamon there is a Light variant theme. This was placed as the #1 theme because of it’s constant updates and it is one of the most popular themes ever on any Linux OS. I mean, look at it, if you have never tried it, try it.

Install Adapta Theme

#2. Ant Theme

Ant theme for LinuxAnt Theme on Ubuntu

Ant theme is a classic that refuses to go away. It could have easily been #1 on our list because it is carefully made, constantly still updated and it is one of the best looking themes ever made. On top of that, almost any icon theme set looks perfect on it. Just look at the screenshot above and I am sure you will be eager to try it for yourself.

Install Ant Theme

#3. Chrome OS Theme

Chrome OS theme for LinuxChrome Theme on Ubuntu

Chrome OS theme is a great and underrated theme hence why we thought we should give it some shine. It really is a nice looking theme that makes your Linux mimic some of the best features about Chromebooks. Everything including the bottom launcher/bar looks great and with the matching icons to go with it, the theme is great, you can preview some more screenshots before you try it.

Install Chrome OS theme


#4. Telinkrin & Arrongin Theme

Telinkrin and Arrongin theme screenshotTelinkrin & Arrongin theme on Ubuntu

Telinkrin & Arrongin theme was the #1 theme back with 20.04 but now, it has landed at the #4 spot and it is not a surprise, this is one of the most popular themes available on our website and you people simply love it. I wouldn’t have placed it as the best theme on Ubuntu but I couldn’t ignore your voices, you want this theme and you want others to know about it so here it is. It comes loaded with plenty of options and variables you can customize to match your own personal look plus it comes with a matching icon theme. You can also check out more Telinkrin & Arrongin theme screenshots.

Install Telinkrin Theme + Arrongin Theme

#5. Paper Theme

Paper theme screenshotPaper icon theme on Ubuntu

Paper is a modern Linux desktop theme suite with a mostly flat with a subtle use of shadows and highlights for some added depth. Plus the colourful headers are designed to make Paper stand out among the many themes available for Linux desktops. It is perfect for those of you who love flat material theme with a little bit of Google flavor in there. We have more paper theme screenshots.

Install Paper Theme

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