Download Chrome OS Theme

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Chrome OS theme for Linux with multiple colorsChrome OS theme on Ubuntu

Hello everyone, you can download Chrome OS theme for Ubuntu and once you install it on your Linux OS, you will most likely enjoy it, it just feels and even looks smooth.

Today we will highlight yet another theme by the legendary Linux theme creator, Vinceliuice, who happens to be one of my favorite Linux theme authors ever. I do have a Chromebook that is a bit old, I think it’s from like 2011 and I don’t use it anymore but I still love the way the Chrome OS looked on it, it has that Android like feeling to it which is always pleasant in my opinion. With that said, this Chrome OS theme looks absolutely stunning on my Ubuntu laptop and it is one of the main 3 themes that I always use when I am tired of the standard Ubuntu that ships by default. This theme is smooth and the icon pack that is recommended below should fit perfectly with it. Like it? Don’t like it? So so? Let us know in the comments.

Install Chrome OS Theme on Ubuntu

Install Chrome OS Theme via Snaps

Manually Install Chrome OS Theme on Ubuntu

Run the following commands in the terminal:


Tip: ./ allows the following options:

-d, --dest DIR          Specify destination directory (Default: /usr/share/themes)
-n, --name NAME         Specify theme name (Default: ChromeOS)
-c, --color VARIANT...  Specify color variant(s) [standard|dark|light] (Default: All variants)
-s, --size VARIANT      Specify size variant [standard|compact] (Default: All variants)
-h, --help              Show help

For more information, run: ./ –help

Install Vimix Icon Theme

This theme uses the Vimix Icon theme, of course you can use other Icon themes but if you want it to look like the screenshots below, use Vimix icons.

Screenshot of Chrome OS Theme