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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Confidential computing and financial services cloud ubuntu

Data security in the cloud – a business imperative

Cloud computing has been transforming financial IT infrastructure into a utility allowing financial institutions (FIs) to access computing resources on-demand letting FIs offload costs and effort of setting-up and managing their own on-premises infrastructure, improving agility and time to business value. As more and more financial institutions rely on hybrid cloud services, data security in the cloud is a business imperative.

Moving financial workloads from an on-premise setup to a public cloud infrastructure introduces a new attack surface with different risks. As the public cloud environment shares its hardware infrastructure, a flaw in the clouds’ isolation mechanisms can be detrimental to the protection of sensitive customer and financial data. The major public cloud environments tackle this by building their security following a defense-in-depth approach. Confidential Computing is an additional layer of security…

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