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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
WeChat LogoWeChat For Ubuntu 20.04

Hello everyone, you can download WeChat for Ubuntu, it’s a very good alternative to the other popular messaging apps, you can argue it rivals the likes of WhatsApp, Sykpe and Facebook Messenger. According to Tencent, the Chinese company behind WeChat, over 1 billion people currently use WeChat to talk, text, and share media. That’s a lot of consumers. No wonder Tencent has decided not to sell WeChat off yet!

I have only been using WeChat for the past couple of weeks but so far I am impressed. It looks better than WhatsApp, the UI design is great even for Ubuntu users thanks to the redesign by Linux programmer DawnDIY. This version of WeChat for Ubuntu shouldn’t be underrated and I think most of you will absolutely love using this WeChat desktop client as you use your Linux computers, let’s first find out what the fuss is about with WeChat, is it really worth your time to try?

Install WeChat on Ubuntu

*NEW(2022 update) Try the web version, it works just fine even on Linux: Try WeChat Web version

Download WeChat for Ubuntu via GitHub

Download WeChat for Ubuntu with Snap App

Manual Install WeChat On Ubuntu

Type this command in your terminal to start the installation: sudo snap install electronic-wechat

Type this command after the installation is complete: electronic-wechat

What Is WeChat?

WeChat is a platform that connects to everything else via your mobile phone or browser. WeChat allows you to have social sharing, booking a taxi, order food to be delivered, order your laundry delivered, order maids to come help clean your house or office. Unlock a community sharing bike, read the latest news, play games, video editing and paying for groceries and other bills. It is a growing platform that unfortunately has had limited success outside of China. Still, it is growing world wide.

Find your friends more easily

  • Search and add friends directly via WeChat ID or mobile number. Start chatting once your friend request has been accepted.

Start a free chat anytime and anywhere

  • Whether you want to send messages or share photos and videos, you can chat freely through WeChat. Wherever you go, you can immediately get in touch with the people you care about using WeChat.

Hilarious and cute stickers

  • If you’re unable to express your feelings in words, then send a sticker to make your chats more fun. Designed by talented artists around the globe, WeChat’s Sticker Gallery offers users free downloads sending of countless fun stickers.

Share on Moments

  • On Moments, you can share your life’s favorite experiences using photos or videos with your friends, and also see your friends’ Moments at any time.

Free video and voice calls

  • Get face-to-face with your friends and family instantly via WeChat. WeChat allows you make free video and voice calls no matter where you are with one friend or a group of friends.

Does WeChat Work On Linux?

Yes! You can use WeChat on your Linux OS including of course Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, anything that runs Linux and above will be able to use WeChat with no issues. But, there is a catch, you have to download an app called Electronic WeChat, it is a nice app that allows you to use WeChat on your desktop or laptop running Ubuntu 21.04, 20.10/20.04 without much effort thanks to Electronic WeChat being a snap app. You can literally install WeChat on Ubuntu with one click.

Electronic WeChat App Features:

  • Modern UI and all features from Web WeChat.
  • Block message recall.
  • Stickers showing support.
  • Share subscribed passages on Weibo, Qzone, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and email.
  • Mention users in a group chat.
  • Drag and drop to send photos.
  • Behaves like a native app, based on dozens of optimization.
  • Removes URL link redirects and takes you directly to blocked websites (e.g.

WeChat Screenshots

Uninstall WeChat From Ubuntu

Remove WeChat by typing this command in your terminal: sudo snap remove electronic-wechat

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