Category: Ubuntu Gaming

escame simulator header

Download Escape Simulator Game

Get Escape Simulator for Ubuntu and play a unique visual escape room game that lets you play with others on your Linux OS.

Wildermyth logo

Download Wildermyth Game

Get Wildermyth for Ubuntu and experience a unique RPG where tactical combat and story decisions alter your world and reshape your characters.

Download WorldBox God Simulator Game

Get WorldBox God Simulator for Ubuntu and play a sandbox game that allows you to do what you want, from creating life to destroying it.

main logo for unpacking

Download Unpacking Game

Get Unpacking for Ubuntu and play a game as you unpack boxes & fit them in a home while learning clues about the life you’re unpacking.

Download Draw & Guess Game

Get Draw & Guess for Ubuntu and play a casual drawing game with multiple game modes, perfect for those of you who love to stay inside.

Cities Skylines logo for Linux

Download Cities: Skylines Game

Get Cities: Skyline for Ubuntu and play one of the most complete city simulation games available with options and endless gameplay.

Lost Ruins game cover

Download Lost Ruins Game

Get Lost Ruins for Ubuntu and play a 2D survival action game, where you play as a young girl that has awoken in a strange and foreign.

Valheim official logo

Download Valheim Game

Get Valheim for Ubuntu and experience one of the highest rated open world indie games on Linux with underrated gameplay & graphics.

Desperado 3 official header

Download Desperados 3 Game

Get Desperados III for Ubuntu & play a story-driven tactical stealth game set in the Wild West where every decision you make, matters.