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Ubuntu 17.10 Review

Is Ubuntu 17.10 ready for prime time? This review challenges that notion by pointing out some issues that were glossed over by the development team. Read More The post Ubuntu 17.10 Review appeared first...

How to Install Nginx Amplify Agent on CentOS 7

Nginx Amplify Agent is a powerful Nginx monitoring tool written in Python. Its role is to collect various metrics and metadata and send them securely to the backend for storage and visualization. After proper...

Faenza Icon Theme Ubuntu

Download Faenza Icon Theme

Download Faenza theme for Ubuntu & Linux and enjoy one of the most downloaded modern themes of all-time. The icons are crisp, clear and stunning.

Quick way to migrate vm to AWS

In my earlier post we have seen how to create free server on AWS. What if you want to migrate your on premises vm to AWS. This article will quickly guide you about how...