Canonical releases Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS | Ubuntu


London, 30 May 2024.

Today Canonical announced the availability of Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. 

By ensuring high-priority processes are executed first, with deterministic response times, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS reduces latency compared to mainline Linux and enhances the system’s ability to handle time-sensitive operations effectively. 

Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS integrates the PREEMPT_RT patch on AMD64 and ARM64. As the de-facto Linux real-time implementation, PREEMPT_RT increases predictability by modifying the existing kernel code. With time-bound responses for mission-critical latency requirements, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS provides deterministic processing to the most demanding workloads across industries, from manufacturing and automotive to the critical infrastructure of telco operators.

Based on the upstream v6.8 kernel, the 24.04 release of Real-time Ubuntu also includes optimised support for Raspberry Pi hardware to deliver enhanced performance and compatibility…

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