Linux Kernel 3.18 Is Finally Here: Packed With New Features


Hello everyone, how are you all doing on this Monday afternoon? I am doing great mainly our boss at and is giving us a couple of weeks off starting next week! I can’t wait, I am soooo tired, I felt like I haven’t slept in like 10 days, urgh, anywho, read on…

What’s New In Linux 3.18?

The Linux 3.18 kernel is amped up with some of the latest improvements in  hardware support, power efficiency, bug fixes and reliability.

As ever, these span the breadth of comprehension, going from bamboozling — e.g., multi buffer operations for cryptographic layers — to the air-punchingly understandable, like support for the Razer Sabertooth gamepad.

We’ve compiling some of the notable changes made in this release below. It’s far, far, far from being exhaustive, and cherry picks the more relatable.

  • Nouveau (free Nvidia GPU driver) now supports basic DisplayPort audio
  • Support for the Razer Sabertooth gamepad, maps it as Xbox 360 controller
  • Xilinx USB2 peripherals
  • Touchscreen support for Microchip AR1021 i2c, PenMount 6000 touch
  • Audio codecs:  Cirrus Logic CS35L32, Everest ES8328and Freescale ES8328 
  • Audio support: Generic Freescale sound cards, Analog Devices SSM4567 audio amplifier
  • Various filesystem improvements, including Btrfs and F2FS
  • DCTCP congestion control algorithm now supported
  • JIT compilation of eBPF programs on 64-bit builds
  • “Tinification” patches to help developers compile leaner, smaller kernels

Download Linux 3.18 Kernel On Ubuntu

Although this new Linux Kernel is stable, we simply don’t recommend you upgrade right now unless you know what you are doing. We recommend you wait until the people behind Ubuntu release their own modified Kernel 3.18 for Ubuntu like they do with every kernel. This is because a lot of people have f’d up their OS’s trying to upgrade the Kernel without understanding how to recover your OS incase of a failure or issues during or after the upgrading.

If you insist, you’ll find source packages available at the website.

Install Kernel 3.18 For Linux/Ubuntu ]

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