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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Light version of Tela Circle IconsTela Circle Icons on Ubuntu

Hello everyone, you can download Tela circle icon theme for Ubuntu and instantly upgrade the way your Linux OS desktop looks with a fresh modern, flat, colorfully and now circular designed icons that you absolutely love with once you try them out. I am testing this icon pack and so far it’s great. I will give it a solid 9/10 so far.

Today we will highlight an icon theme made by one of the best Linux theme designers, he is known as Vinceliuice on GitHub and we have featured some of his best work on our site multiple times and in fact, this theme is actually the modified version of the popular Tela icon theme that we have already featured on our web site for you. These Tela circle icon’s are in high quality and they look so smooth no matter what your resolution is and luckily for us the author created a bunch of icons for your applications and he continues to update the theme with even more icons whenever necessary. Let us know in the comments below what you think and if the author should consider any changes or fixes.

Install Tela Circle Icon Theme on Ubuntu

Manually Install Tela Circle Icon Theme on Ubuntu

Extract Tela-circle-icon-theme to ~/.icons or ~/.local/share/icons or /usr/share/icons

2nd Manual Installation Option

Usage: ./ [OPTIONS...] [COLOR VARIANTS...]
-a Install all color versions
-d Specify theme destination directory (Default: $HOME/.local/share/icons)
-n Specify theme name (Default: Tela-circle)
-h Show this help

Screenshot of Tela Circle Icon Theme

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