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The Best Software for Ubuntu 22.04

Get the best Ubuntu software & choose which app you want to try, text editors, browsers, download managers with screenshots & features.

Google Cloud icon

Download Google Cloud SDK for Ubuntu

Get Google Cloud SDK for Ubuntu to manage authentication, local configuration, developer workflow, interactions with Google Cloud APIs.

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Download Brave for Ubuntu

Get Brave for Ubuntu and experience a trending browser that focuses on your privacy by automatically disabling trackers and ads.

Download Czkawka for Ubuntu

Get Czkawka for Ubuntu and experience a FSlint alternative that allows you to find duplicate folders, images and files in a directory.

Download Shortwave for Ubuntu

Get Shortwave for Ubuntu and experience a stable radio player that lets you tune in to thousands of radio stations worldwide.

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Download OBS Studio for Ubuntu

Get OBS Studio for Ubuntu and experience a free and open source broadcasting software that is used by beginners and professionals.