Ubuntu MATE Is A Growing Member Of The Ubuntu Family: Here Is Why

  • Post Updated: May 11, 2015
Back when the GNOME 2 desktop was forked in 2011 as the MATE Desktop Environment, there were polarized views from the Linux community how this fork of GNOME2 could survive and what sort of future it would have. Four years later, MATE is still being maintained, there’s distributions shipping with MATE as the default desktop, and the project is managing to stay relevant.Laptops, unlike desktop PCs may not be that mighty when it comes to hardware and there are possibilities of proprietary hardware, that’s where Ubuntu MATE does the job the best. Based on Ubuntu, MATE makes it extremely easy to deal with any proprietary hardware.

  • Ubuntu MATE will have X2Go support, provide an integrated launcher possibly for Ubuntu 15.10.
  • The Ubuntu MATE has started coming up with their own packages like plug-ins, mate-lockkeys-applet, mate-disk-utility, and caja-dropbox.
  • Ubuntu MATE also works on the Raspberry Pi 2.

In addition, MATE offers a great balance between performance and using resources efficiently. The interface of MATE is friendly, no learning curve, and looks extremely polished on laptops.

MATE believes in using fewer resources leaving them for your applications, which also translates into better battery life.

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