Download Facebook Messenger For Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Caprine Official LogoCaprine on Linux

Hello everyone, today you can finally download Facebook Messenger for Ubuntu and instantly have the ability to communicate with your friends, family and whomever else you want to. This Linux app we are about to so share with you is also available as a Snap App meaning you can install it by just clicking a button.

Today we will highlight a newly updated and stable version of an app known as Caprine. Caprine is the name of the unofficial Facebook Messenger for Linux. I know Caprine is sorta of a weird name, sounds like the name of a European city. Caprine none the less, is a very impressive app coded by Sindre Sorhus and I hope he continues to update this app and the many others he has released to the public. The dude is talented. Let us know what you think about this app below, do you like it? Is it missing anything? Let us know in the the comments below.

What Is Caprine About?

Caprine is an unofficial Facebook Messenger app that allows you to send and receive fb messages with your friends and family. Caprine is ideal and perfect for those of you who spent a lot of time on your desktop or laptop and feel comfortable using an app on your Linux as you game or get some work done.

Caprine Features:

  • Privacy. You can hide your indicators.
  • Responsive. The interface adapts to any size change
  • You can receive desktop notifications.
  • Choose between light and dark mode themes.
  • Switch between dialog using hot keys.
  • Copy / paste images. It can also prevent accidental copy-paste.
  • Prevents tracking links. This means that the links you click will not be tracked by Facebook.
  • Automatically updated when a new version is available.
  • Cross-platform. Supports Linux, Ma OS and Windows.
  • Free, open source.

Install Facebook Messenger on Ubuntu

Caprine Screenshot

Caprine Video

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