Raspberry Pi Tutorial: Host a Minecraft server on Ubuntu Desktop | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Raspberry pi tutorial host a minecraft server on ubuntu desktop

Welcome to the second in our series of Linux gaming posts in the run up to the holidays. This week, we’ve put together a tutorial that teaches you how to create a basic Minecraft Server on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Desktop, so you can play locally with your friends.

This is a great afternoon project to work on with a friend or family member!

Hosting a Minecraft server unlocks a tonne of additional control over how you play Minecraft with your friends. You can change the game rules and difficulty, the behaviour of enemies and determine how players interact.

Setting up a server is also a great way to learn more about Linux. Linux is all about tinkering and trying new things. While it can seem intimidating at first, the instructions you’ll follow for this project will help you approach more complex Linux projects in the future!

In this tutorial, we’ll be using a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB with a 32GB SD card, but you can also follow along on pretty much any laptop or PC that has…

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