openSUSE Leap 42.2 Hits the Cloud, You Can Now Use It on AWS Marketplace, Azure

openSUSE Project, through Douglas DeMaio, proudly announced the availability of the openSUSE Leap 42.2 operating system as virtual images on various popular cloud providers.

From the announcement, it would appear that openSUSE Leap 42.2 hit the cloud sometime last week on the AWS EC2 (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace, and cloud images also landed a couple of weeks ago for the Google Compute Engine (GCE), OpenStack, and Microsoft’s Azure cloud providers.

“The project has been used extensively for cloud computing and we are excited that openSUSE is now listed in AWS Marketplace,” said Richard Brown, openSUSE Chairman. “We thank all the cloud providers for working with the openSUSE community to make this possible.”

In the announcement, openSUSE member James Mason informs end users who want to use the openSUSE Leap 42.2 operating system in the cloud that they can freely choose… (read more)
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