Achieving Performant Single-Tenant Cloud Isolation with IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers, Ubuntu Core, Snaps, and AMD Pensando Elba Data Processing Unit | Ubuntu


Discover how IBM Cloud’s bare metal servers offer highly confined and high-performing single-tenant cloud isolation through the use of Ubuntu Core and Snaps, supported by the AMD Pensando Elba DPU (Data Processing Unit). This setup enables the creation of secure and efficient environments for each tenant. Its design ensures the total separation of their servers from the cloud underlay. The architecture delivers consistent performance and enables non intrusive control from the cloud provider. Learn how this innovative solution can benefit your business and enhance your cloud infrastructure.


Public cloud bare-metal servers offer dedicated physical resources, but can present isolation and performance challenges. Isolation requirements involve maintaining full control of compute capabilities by the tenant, while preserving the backend management of its infrastructure by the cloud provider and preventing unauthorised access. Performance requirements entail providing…

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