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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024
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Hello everyone, today we finally have Ubuntu 22.04 LTS released and available for download! I know things are tough for all of us during this pandemic but we have to keep our faith strong and keep looking forward to a better and hopefully, safer future for all of us.

Today we will list the Ubuntu 22.04 download links which will feature both FTP links, direct download links and of course Bittorrent links for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Lets not waste too much time, have a quick look at Jammy Jellyfish feature list, screenshots and then you can go ahead and download and install it.

Install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ISO (64-bit)

Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Torrent Link (64-bit) – scroll near the bottom of the page

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Features

Linux Kernel Features:

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ships multiple optimized kernels on per-product basis:

  • Ubuntu Desktop will automatically opt-into v5.17 218 kernel on the latest generations of certified devices (linux-oem-22.04)
  • Ubuntu Desktop uses a rolling HWE kernel (linux-hwe-22.04) on all other generations of hardware. The rolling HWE kernel is based on the v5.15 31 kernel for 22.04.0 and 22.04.1 point releases
  • Ubuntu Server defaults to a non-rolling LTS kernel v5.15 (Linux-generic)
  • Ubuntu Cloud and Devices use optimized kernels in collaboration with partners (v5.15+ with additional backports and features)

Additional optimized and certified kernel flavors will become available in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in due course.

NVIDIA drivers

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS adds Linux-restricted-modules of NVIDIA drivers on ARM64, in addition to the existing x86_64. Users on ARM64 can now use ubuntu-drivers tool to install and configure NVIDIA drivers from the Ubuntu Archive.

UDP disabled for NFS mounts

Since Ubuntu 20.10 (“Groovy Gorilla”), the kernel option CONFIG_NFS_DISABLE_UDP_SUPPORT=y is set and this disables using UDP as the transport for NFS mounts, regardless of NFS version.

In practice, if you try to use udp, you will get this error:

$ sudo mount f1:/storage /mnt -o udp
mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified

Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop Features:

  • Ubuntu now offers 10 color choices 384 each in dark and light styles
  • Firefox is now only provided in Ubuntu as a snap. Some benefits include
    • Directly maintained by Mozilla
    • More maintainable for the entire Ubuntu LTS lifecycle
    • … Which means faster access to the newest Firefox versions
    • Easily switch to a different Firefox flavor with snap channels including esr/stable, latest/candidate, latest/beta, and latest/edge
    • Sandboxed for improved security hardening for this critical app
  • Desktop icons are shown in the bottom right by default but this can be changed through new settings added to the Appearance panel of the Settings app.
  • Also there are new settings to control the Dock look and behavior
  • Dock devices and filemanager integration has been improved

GNOME 22.04 Features:

  • GNOME has been updated to include new features and fixes from GNOME 41 44 and GNOME 42 139
  • Several apps are still at their 41 version numbers to provide a more time-tested experience for the LTS desktop by mostly avoiding libadwaita.
  • The new cross-desktop dark style 103 preference is supported.
  • GNOME Shell and mutter have lots of performance improvements including the triple buffering patch.
  • The default session for most systems that don’t have an Nvidia graphics card is now Wayland. If you need a non-Wayland session, you can choose the Ubuntu on Xorg session by clicking the gear button after selecting your name on the login screen.
  • Hardware with privacy screen support is now supported
  • RDP is now available for sharing your desktop remotely. Legacy VNC is still available, but it is strongly recommended to use RDP for better security, privacy, and performance. If you were previously using VNC, you’ll need to manually re-enable desktop sharing in the Settings app and get your new login information.

    Updated Subsystems

    • BlueZ 5.63 70
    • CUPS 2.4 30
    • NetworkManager 1.36 80
    • Mesa 22 56
    • Poppler 22.02 35
    • PulseAudio 16 119
    • xdg-desktop-portal 1.14 36

    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Screenshots

    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS What’s New Video Tutorial

    You can also choose to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.