How To Upgrade To Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024
Upgrade to ubuntu 22.04 LTSUpgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

On this post you will easily learn how to upgrade from Ubuntu 21.10 or from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS aka Jammy Jellyfish. Don’t worry below we have plenty of options on how you can quickly and most importantly safely upgrade to the latest Ubuntu long term support release. We also have included links to where you can order your own Install USB or Live Install DVD with 22.04 LTS loaded so that you can simply install/upgrade with a few clicks.

If you want to know what new features are in 22.04 LTS before you upgrade, check out our: Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS post today, you can download the full ISO version of the OS there, it even includes screenshots of 22.04 LTS and a video detailing all the new features that you will get to play with once you upgrade.

Upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or 21.10

Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using GUI:

  1. Open the “Software & Updates” Setting in System Settings.

  2. Select the Tab called “Updates”.
  3. Set the “Notify me of a new Ubuntu version” drop down menu to “For long-term support versions” if you are using 20.04 LTS; set it to “For any new version” if you are using 21.10.
  4. Press Alt+F2 and type update-manager -c -d into the command box.

  5. Update Manager should open up and tell you that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now available.
  6. If not you can run /usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release-gtk

  7. Click Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions.

Still having trouble following the instructions above? Check out the official upgrade tutorial with step by step screenshots.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using Terminal commands:

1. Upgrade your packages by typing these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y

2. Install update core manager on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS by typing the following command:

sudo apt-get install update-manager-core

3. Confirm that your system will get the LTS version in the update by typing this command:

sudo nano /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades

4. You will be prompted with the option to choose between LTS or normal, run the command to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

Upgrade to 22.04 LTS Video Tutorial