MOTL: Minis Forum N33 NUC | Ubuntu


Part 1: The hardware setup

As a first attempt at trying MAAS outside the lines (MOTL), let’s pick a random, inexpensive Next Unit of Computing (NUC). Indeed, let’s start with a Minis Forum N33, which is older and “out of print.” The relevant forum is offline, and manuals are hard to Google up. Nice challenge.


PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) booting is a key technology in network-based computing. It enables computers to boot from a network, independent of local storage devices. PXE enables provisioning environments like MAAS. We can’t remotely deploy operating systems and applications if we can’t control the unit.

PXE plays a critical role for MAAS. It automates the installation, reconfiguration, and re-purposing of servers. It streamlines operations in data centers, managed IT services, and sophisticated home networks. The Minis Forum N33 NUC, with its compact form factor and versatility, is a potential candidate for MAAS. The N33 is versatile. It can…

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