Mesa 17.0.1 Promises More Gallium and RadeonSI Improvements, First RC Out Now

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Collabora’s Emil Velikov announced today the immediate availability of the first Release Candidate (RC) development version of the upcoming Mesa 17.0.1 3D Graphics Library, which will be the first point release to the Mesa 17.0 series.

Mesa 17.0.1 promises to be a hefty maintenance update that addresses approximately 70 issues discovered since last month’s release of Mesa 17.0.0. Fixes have been implemented across all of the supported open-source drivers, including but not limited to RadeonSI, Gallium, Intel i965, Nouveau, Radeon RADV and Intel ANV Vulkan ones.

“There’s a number of crash fixes affecting all Gallium drivers. An old regression fix for r300 on BE hardware been fixed. The RadeonSI driver has fixes for Tessellation shaders on Carrizo and Stoney hardware. While on the Nouveau side, compute shader have … (read more)

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