KDE and Nextcloud Developers Discuss Integration of Nextcloud in KDE Plasma

On December 13, 2016, Nextcloud’s Jos Poortvliet reveals that the company behind the popular self-hosting cloud server forked from ownCloud is currently in discussions with the developers of the KDE Plasma desktop to deeply integrate Nextcloud.

It appears that back in July 2016, Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek and community manager Jos Poortvliet, along with long-time KDE developers Kai-Uwe Bergmann and Martin Gräßlin gathered together in Stuttgart to discuss the steps they need to take for a deeper integration of Nextcloud in KDE Plasma.

“A feature that has been discussed is synchronization of settings, password and file metadata over cloud servers,” said Jos Poortvliet in the blog post. “The fork of Nextcloud from ownCloud has brought about new questions regarding this topic: Will the Plasma team have to support two different systems?”

The answer to the above question would be that both ownC… (read more)

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