Into the Labyrinth: Revealing the Mantic Minotaur | Ubuntu


Few creatures from mythology have captured the imagination of mankind quite like the legendary Minotaur. A half-man, half-bull behemoth that is said to guard the halls of the impenetrable labyrinth of Crete. The ancient sagas stated that only the bravest of warriors would be able to match its incredible strength and escape its mystifying maze.

Computing, on the other hand, should not feel like you’re trapped in a maze. In just a few short weeks, all will be able to experience the freedom that Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur has to offer. Access the latest and greatest open source software built on a trusted, secure and stable foundation. This upcoming release represents another important step in our quest to craft a desktop experience that fully embodies our future vision and values.

A prophetic eye

The word Mantic is used to describe one’s ability to prophesy or reach into the future. Our lead designer, Marcus Haslam, pulled inspiration from the ancient past when creating…

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