A look into Ubuntu Core 24: Robotics telemetry for your fleet


Welcome to this blog series which explores innovative uses of Ubuntu Core. Throughout this series, Canonical’s Engineers will show what you can build with this Core 24 release, highlighting the features and tools available to you. 

In this fourth blog, Mirko Ferrati, engineering manager from our Robotics team, will show you how to deploy an observability and telemetry server with the corresponding clients in a robot. This observability system fine-tuned for robotics allows startups to quick-start remote supervision of their robot fleet, while mature companies will find the model easy to extend and adaptable to their needs. When combined with Ubuntu Core, this system offers roboticists an end-to-end infrastructure for managing a secure, modular deployment of their observability stack. 

Scaling with robotics telemetry  

If your project or your company has deployed some robots in different customer sites you may want to look at their behaviour and their metrics. The…

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