What is a Kubernetes operator? | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

A Kubernetes operator is an application-specific software extension automating application management and operations tasks on Kubernetes. Kubernetes is the open source, industry-standard platform for deploying, managing and scaling containerized applications – and applications on Kubernetes are easier with operators.

What is a kubernetes operator ubuntu

Operators take a real-world operations team’s knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, and codify it into a computer program that helps operating complex server applications like databases, messaging systems, or web applications. Operators provide implementations for operating applications that are testable and thus more reliable at runtime.

While operators are equally applicable to application and infrastructure operations on other platforms, today they are mainly associated with Kubernetes. Kubernetes provides many functions for operating applications out-of-the-box, with operational tasks, including scaling, upgrading, or configuring applications, covered…

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