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Light version of Tela Circle Icons

Download Tela Circle Icon Theme

Get Tela circle icon theme for Ubuntu that will instantly make your Linux desktop look & feel like a fresh setup. These icons are high quality & crisp.

Flatery Icon theme Screenshot

Download Flatery Icon Theme

Get Flatery Icon theme for Ubuntu and transform your Linux desktop with rough, edgy but modern flat icons that stand out.

Tela Icons on Ubuntu

Download Tela Icon Theme

Get Tela Icon theme for Ubuntu and instantly transform your Linux desktop into a beautiful flat and colorful design.

Ultimate Maia Icon Theme

Download Ultimate Maia Theme

Get Ultimate Maia theme for Ubuntu and transform your Linux background into a modernized theme with matching icons, different colors to choose from and a fresh feel.

Qogir Theme Screenshot

Download Qogir Theme

Install Qogir theme for Ubuntu and try out one of the most underrated themes in the Linux community. It comes with unique buttons & an icon theme to match.

Screenshot of Star Labs theme

Download Star Labs Theme

Download Star Labs theme for Ubuntu and experience one of the best new modern Linux themes that comes with an icon set, fonts, buttons, & custom backgrounds.

Download Newaita Icon Theme

Download Newaita icon theme for Ubuntu & experience one of the best Linux icon themes on the market with a modern, flat & yet classic mellow design.

Flat Remix Icons

Download Flat Remix Icon Theme

Download Flat remix icon theme for Ubuntu and instantly upgrade your Linux look with a modern, crisp icon pack that might actually be one of the best ever released.

Download Suru Icon Theme

Try Suru Icon theme for Ubuntu and instantly experience an awesome modern theme with brilliant and bright icons that will spice up your Linux desktop.

Install Victory Icon THeme

Download Victory Icon Theme

Easily install Victory theme for Ubuntu.Newly updated with modern, flat-like icons that will make your Ubuntu look & feel like a new OS.