New Active Directory Integration features in Ubuntu 22.04 (part 2) – Group Policy Objects | Ubuntu

Linux Active Directory (AD) integration is historically one of the most requested functionalities by our corporate users, and with Ubuntu Desktop 22.04, we introduced ADsys, our new Active Directory client. This blog post is part 2 of a series where we will explore the new functionalities in more detail. (Part 1  – Introduction)

In this article we will focus on how Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can be used by ADsys to change dconf settings in Ubuntu after a client has been successfully joined to a domain. 

In this area, as well as for all the other new features delivered by ADsys, we tried to offer a user experience as close as possible to the native one available in Microsoft Windows, with the aim of enabling IT admins to reuse the same knowledge and tools they acquired over the years to manage Ubuntu desktops.

Active Directory Administrative Templates

Similar to Windows clients, the first step to tell AD to what features it can manage is to import an administrative template. We…

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