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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS ReleasedUbuntu Budgie 20.04 Installed

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? you can download Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS because it has been released and it is now official available for you to install right away. Starting from today forward, will be adding more posts, downloads and tutorials for Ubuntu Budgie. We plan to support even more of the official flavors in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for that.

Today we will list the Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 download links which will feature both FTP links, direct download links and of course Bittorrent links for Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS. Lets not waste too much time, have a quick look at Focal Fossa’s feature list, screenshots and then you can go ahead and download and install it.

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS Features

  • Stylish menu applet as the default
  • Budgie based network manager applet as the default
  • Revamped Window Shuffler – animations, faster, keyboard friendly tiling
  • Desktop Layouts – choose your default desktop layout with one click
  • Wallstreet – budgie friendly and lightweight desktop wallpaper rotator
  • 4K resolution friendly budgie desktop and budgie applet support
  • GNOME Firmware and Drawing are new default applications
  • Ubuntu Budgie Community Wallpapers for 20.04
  • All our backport packages have now been rebuilt for 20.04 – look out for nemo-share and nemo-dropbox and also skippy-xd is available through backports.
  • Budgie Welcome – Translation team has been bustling – many more languages now available
  • Latest versions of our default themes Pocillo & QogirBudgie


  • Once again Ubuntu Budgie continues to take the lead to ensure budgie desktop remains compatible with the latest GNOME stack. This time around the development has been fairly smooth and it should be straightforward for all distros uplifting to GNOME 3.36.
  • Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS ships with budgie-desktop v10.5.1.
  • Budgie Desktop Settings: Budgie Desktop Settings Fonts
  • Budgie 10.5.1 introduces hinting and anti-aliasing settings in the Fonts section of Budgie Desktop Settings, allowing you even more flexibility with how document, interface, monospace, and window title fonts render:
  • For font hinting, you can choose between a range of options ranging from no font hinting to full font hinting.
  • For antialiasing, you can choose between subpixel antialiasing, standard grayscale, and no antialiasing.If you have a single window open for a given IconButton in the Icon Tasklist, the tooltip when you hover over is shown.

Ubuntu Budgie Experience:

  • System Tray applet now dropped as a default
  • At the same time – added the ability to not run network-manager applet – this ensures the buggy system tray icon no longer appears
  • CTRL+ALT+left/right swaps workspaces without a workspace indicator in the middle of the screen.
  • Event alerts sounds are disabled by default now – if you want alert sounds choose the alert noise you want and sound level in Settings – Sound
  • HiDPI (4K) support for Budgie applets (both in built-in and third-party) and their popup functionality
  • Fix for keyboard shortcuts mysteriously going missing
  • Fix for multimonitors to stop windows overlapping the top-bar when maximised
  • Switch from qt5-style-plugins to qt5ct for QT app styling – apps such as vlc.
  • QT5 apps such as VLC also have styling options built in as well.
  • Moka based icons revised to capture GNOME 3.32/3.34 and 3.36 changes
  • Support large global menu in budgie-desktop panel
  • Better lock screen styling – buttons are now flat and match the lock screen dialog
  • Pixel Saver & Pocillo: Close button is now styled to match CSD windows

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Install Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS

Uprade to Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS

If you want to upgrade your Ubuntu Budgie 18.04, 19.10 to the latest 20.04 LTS version, run this simple command:

sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop

After the release of 20.04, you will be offered to upgrade when you run Software & Updates. Alternatively, from a command line run:


Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS Screenshots

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Video

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