All Supported 4MLinux and TheSSS Releases Now Patched Against Meltdown & Spectre

The battle against the biggest security flaws in the history of computing continues on the Linux front with kernel updates for all supported 4MLinux and TheSSS GNU/Linux distributions.

4MLinux founder Zbigniew Konojacki‏ informs Softpedia on the availability of a new kernel version for all of the supported 4MLinux and TheSSS operating system series, Linux kernel 4.9.75 LTS, which includes patches against both Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that put billions of devices at risk of attacks.

“Linux kernel 4.9.75 is available for all supported 4MLinux and TheSSS versions to fix the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities,” says Zbigniew Konojacki‏ in the announcement for 4MLinux 23.2, the second point release of the 4MLinux operating s… (read more)

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