Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 Officially Launched as “The Largest Release Ever”

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Ubuntu touch ota 12 officially launched as “the largest release ever”Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 has officially been released as the “largest release ever,” coming with massive improvements versus its predecessors, but also with changes that we’ll detail below.

First and foremost, the highlight of this new release is the full Unity8 experience, as the dev team explains that importing of Canonical’s final changes is now complete.

Unity8, codenamed Lomiri, is supposed to help ensure a more reliable experience going forward, “helping us avoid introducing new bugs or triggering old ones again.”

Working LED notification

There are also changes regarding the version of Mir that is bundled with Ubuntu Touch.

“We upgraded from Mir 0.24, released back in 2015, to Mir 1.2, released in 2019. This newer version of Mir features support for Wayland clients! This support is not currently available to our Android-based devices due to a missing implementation, but mainline devices such as the PinePhone and Raspberry Pi are already using W… (read more)

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