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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Ubuntu in education a k 12 it directors experience ubuntu

Hi folks, I’m Aaron, Community Engineer at Canonical! Prior to joining the Community Team, I spent a decade working as an IT Director and Systems Administrator at two school districts in the United States. The first was  a rural school in central Pennsylvania that enrolls around 1,000 students and has a little over 150 staff members. I was part of a small IT department in charge of strategic planning, deployment and management of all district technology.

A technology dilemma 

We faced an all-too-common problem encountered by many rural and unprivileged school districts: how do we provide access to high quality technology on a limited budget while navigating the complex web of laws and regulations necessary to protect our students? This fundamental dilemma was made worse by a large and looming fleet of legacy devices that were more a burden than a helpful tool in the classroom.

To help tackle these problems, we formed a technology committee of fellow administrators,…

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