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Chrome OS theme for Linux with multiple colors

Download Chrome OS Theme

Get Chrome OS theme for Ubuntu and turn your entire Linux computer into a Chromebook look-alike with amazing icons as well.

Orchis Linux Theme Screenshot

Download Orchis Theme

Get Orchis theme for Ubuntu and make your Linux desktop look like a flat and smooth modern theme that goes well with almost any icon pack.

Download Cyberpunk Neon Theme

Get Cyberpunk Neon theme for Ubuntu and transform your background into a futuristic adventure looking theme with icons to match.

Ultimate Maia Icon Theme

Download Ultimate Maia Theme

Get Ultimate Maia theme for Ubuntu and transform your Linux background into a modernized theme with matching icons, different colors to choose from and a fresh feel.

Qogir Theme Screenshot

Download Qogir Theme

Install Qogir theme for Ubuntu and try out one of the most underrated themes in the Linux community. It comes with unique buttons & an icon theme to match.

Screenshot of Star Labs theme

Download Star Labs Theme

Download Star Labs theme for Ubuntu and experience one of the best new modern Linux themes that comes with an icon set, fonts, buttons, & custom backgrounds.

Azure Theme Screenshot

Download Azure Theme

Get Azure theme for Ubuntu and make your Linux desktop look like a modern version of Windows Azure program. It comes with matching blue flat icons.

Download Sweet Theme

Download Sweet theme for Ubuntu and experience a unique Linux GTK theme that comes with a Dark mode and 3 other different variants, plus custom icons.

Download Newaita Icon Theme

Download Newaita icon theme for Ubuntu & experience one of the best Linux icon themes on the market with a modern, flat & yet classic mellow design.

Telinkrin and Arrongin theme screenshot

Download Telinkrin & Arrongin Theme

Download Telinkrin theme and also the Arrongin theme if you choose. Both themes come in high quality and they each have their own unique icon theme to try.