Snaps and themes – on the path to seamless desktop integration | Ubuntu

Alongside performance, theming is one of the primary concerns for desktop snap users. People expect applications bundled inside snaps to look and behave just like their counterparts shipped and packaged in the traditional way in their Linux distributions, and any discrepancy in this space can lead to a degraded user experience.

Over the years, we have invested a lot of focus in improving the theming integration, but recently, we picked up pace in this area, and we’d like to share a story of our ongoing and future efforts, and set the tone for 2021.

Automatic theme installation for snaps

This project is designed to simplify the usage of new themes in your desktop. In other words, whenever you install and apply a new theme in your system, this change will also propagate to your snaps. This is done by a background service, which will check if the associated theme already exists as a snap, and if not, offer the user the option to install it. With this service in place, you will…

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