openSUSE Tumbleweed OS Is Now Built with PIE as Default for Increased Security

After finishing the transition of the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 7 to the Tumbleweed repos as the default compiler, it looks like the rolling GNU/Linux distro is now built with PIE (Position Independent Executables) by default.

OK, so what’s PIE? In computing, PIE, which is an acronym for Position Independent Executables and it’s also known as PIC (Position Independent Code), is a feature that loads executable binaries compiled with PIE support at random memory addresses, disallowing text relocation.

openSUSE Project’s Marcus Meissner announced that openSUSE Tumbleweed now ships with binary packages compiled with PIE support by default, which he says that it could be achieved by a GCC defaults override in the “gcc-PIE” package. PIE is a security feature that would make attacks much harder on GNU/Linux systems.

“Tumbleweed is no… (read more)

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