Linux Server Management in 2022 | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Two must-have features for your Linux server management solution

Linux server management is an integration of cybersecurity and business objectives. Linux server management at scale is a vastly different activity from interacting with a terminal on one machine. The best Linux server management tools universally offer a server management GUI within a web browser. Implementation details matter, especially in a pay-for-compute world. Sysadmin tools that don’t have a lightweight footprint increase overall compute costs. Some of the most popular open source and free Linux server management tools scale poorly, when managing more than one machine. Requiring system administrators to perform the same tasks repetitiously across several machines increases the time it takes to manage the entire estate. Beyond inefficiency, manual administration also introduces risks associated with human error. Server management should be automated as much as possible, through policy-aware tooling that can…

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