Linspire 8.7 Promises Top-Notch Performance on Slow Windows 10 Computers

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Linspire 8.7 promises top notch performance on slow windows 10 computersLinux has long been described as the best option for Windows users whose computers are getting slower after upgrading to a newer version, and now Linspire is specifically trying to convince these people to make the switch.

Linspire 8.7 is now available as an update to Linspire 8.5 and uses the Mate desktop in an attempt to make the desktop experience as familiar as possible for those coming from Windows 7 and Windows 10.

One of the reasons many Windows 7 users decide to stick with Microsoft’s operating system and upgrade to Windows 10 is the familiar desktop, so with this approach, the PC/Opensystems Enterprise development team hopes it can convince more people to move to the Linux world.

“Spartan but very fulll-featured, MATE offers a path forward for Windows 7 users whose systems may be unable to run Windows 10 effectively / efficiently. For current Linspire users this release offers full security, kernel and graphics drivers updates; for users of our KDE deskto… (read more)

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