Download Linux 3.16 With Fresh New Features

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Download Linux Kernel 3.16Install Linux Kernel Update 3.16

Hello everyone, today we have an exciting news report to share with you, please take a minute or less to read it, you will enjoy the good news mainly because we finally have a new version for Linux, meaning you can, if you choose also update your Ubuntu Kernel – Yay!

What’s New In Linux 3.16?

Codenamed ‘Shuffling Zombie Juror’, Linux 3.16 arrives on the scene with a bunch of key improvements in tow. These range from complicated and integral sounding – e.g., ‘unified control group hierarchy‘ – to the more user-accessible, like new and improved drivers.

  • Multi-platform ARM kernel image for multiple ARM SoCs (incl. Exynos)
  • Various support for Nvidia Tegra K1 and Kepler GPU
  • Nokia N900 modem driver included in mainline
  • Initial Intel Cherryview Support
  • Improvements to Sixaxis and DualShock 4 controller support
  • Sony-HID driver improvements
  • RMI driver for Synaptics touchpad
  • Saitek RAT7 gaming mouse fix
  • Dell FreeFall driver
  • 80 changes and fixes to Btrfs filesystem
  • New audio drivers for misc. Cirrus, Realtek and Analog devices.
  • Tegra HD-audio HDMI support

Installing Linux 3.16

If you are impatient and more importantly, skilled enough, you can install Linux 3.16 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS using the corresponding installers for your system listed in the Mainline kernel archive maintained by Canonical.

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