Debian-Based Elive Linux Gets New Beta with Better Support for Nvidia, AMD GPUs

Two weeks after the previous beta release, the development team behind the Debian-based Elive Linux operating system released a new beta version with another layer of improvements and bugfixes.

The upcoming major Elive 3.0 release is being developed for the past several months under the Elive 2.9.x umbrella, and the latest snapshot is now Elive 2.9.14 beta, which brings fixes to various of the preinstalled apps, as well as under-the-hood improvements.

These include better support for Nvidia and AMD Radeon GPUs, a fix for a crash with the Terminology terminal emulator that occurred when opening new tabs, new desktop scaling factor, as well as automatic selection and sizing of fonts based on your display’s DPI and resolution.

The detection and handling of stuck processes was improved in the processes watcher utility so that they wo… (read more)

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