Charmed MongoDB enters general availability | Canonical

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

March 26, 2024: Today, Canonical announced the release of Charmed MongoDB, an enterprise solution for MongoDB® that comes with advanced automation features, multi-cloud capabilities and comprehensive support. 

MongoDB® is one of the most widely used databases worldwide. It provides powerful  capabilities for scaling, consistency and fault tolerance , making it a popular choice for organisations of all sizes and in various industries. Charmed MongoDB is an enterprise drop-in replacement for the MongoDB® Community version with the advanced features organisations need in their production environment.

Charmed MongoDB Product Video

“As part of our open source data solution portfolio, Charmed MongoDB is designed to meet the demands of modern deployments”, said Cedric Gegout, VP of Product at Canonical. “Organisations can deploy Charmed MongoDB with confidence, knowing they are backed by Canonical’s commitment to performance in any cloud environment, alongside 10 years of…

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