Chakra GNU/Linux Issue May Leave Users Unable to Download Packages, Here's a Fix

Chakra GNU/Linux contributor Neofytos Kolokotronis informs users of the GNU/Linux distribution that they need to manually intervene the next time they attempt to update their installations due to an issue with the ca-certificates-utils package.

The issue appears to be created by a symlink, which is generated by the post-install script during Chakra GNU/Linux installations. ca-certificates-utils 20170307 now includes the symlink, so it’s obvious that it will conflict with the file that exists on your computer. But simply deleting the symlink won’t let you download any packages.

“The upgrade of ca-certificates-utils to version 20170307 requires manual intervention because a symlink which used to be generated in the post-install script has now been moved into the package,” said Neofytos Kolokotronis in the forum announcem… (read more)

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