CruxEX 2017 Linux Distro Debuts with Revamped LXDE Desktop, Based on CRUX 3.3

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton is informing us about the release and immediate availability of his CRUX-based CruxEX 3.3 distro, a release that bumps the Linux kernel to the 4.12 series and revamps the LXDE desktop environment.

Powered by the latest CRUX 3.3 GNU/Linux operating system designed for enthusiasts and nerds, CruxEX 3.3 uses the lightweight LXDE desktop environment and the developer’s special 4.12.10-x86_64-cruxex kernel, which replaces CRUX’s original kernel and adds support for additional hardware components.

“CruxEX 3.3 64 bit Linux Live USB is based on CRUX 3.3, which is all Linux enthusiasts/nerds favorite OS,” said Arne Exton in the release notes. “CruxEX 3.3 2017 uses the LXDE desktop environment. I have replaced the original CRUX kernel with “my” special kernel 4.12.10-x86_64-cruxex, with suppo… (read more)

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