Benefits of containers for enterprises | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Benefits of containers for enterprises ubuntu

Within just five years, Kubernetes and containers have redefined how software is deployed. Researchers expect the container market to grow by 30% year over year to become a 5 billion industry by 2022. But what is the reason behind this mass adoption of container technology in the enterprise? 

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1. Reduced costs

Containers are more resource efficient than virtual machines or other legacy app architectures. As they share operating systems they are more lightweight than a virtual machine, and thus require less power, memory and storage. If you have a large application estate, the cost savings from using containers can be substantial. 

2. Efficiency

Additionally, containers have adopted DevOps practices, helping developers build, test and deploy applications faster. They also help build microservice architectures that are easier to iterate upon and improve in order  to deliver on business goals….

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