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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
BlueMail official logoBlueMail on Linux

Hello everyone, you can download BlueMail for Ubuntu and experience of the most underrated email clients on the market. I have only had a few days to try this software but so far, I honestly see why people that do use this, absolutely love it.

Today we will highlight some features and reasons why we think you should consider BlueMail as your favorite email client to use on Linux. In case I didn’t mention it, this app is available as a Snap App so it means you can install it with just a click of a button and it is regularly updated with new features and interfaces changes as time goes. BlueMail is already a popular app especially on mobile phones, on Google Play, it has been downloaded well over 5 million times, combine that with the other users on Windows 10 and iOS, you can argue this app has been downloaded at least 7-10 million times, those numbers should get another boost as it has recently only landed on Linux. If you wanted a good Outlook alternative, BlueMail is most likely for you, let us know in the comments what you think about it once you decide to download it.

Install BlueMail on Ubuntu

Download BlueMail on Linux(as a Snap)

What Is BlueMail About?

BlueMail is a free, secure, universal email app, capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts. BlueMail allows for smart push notifications and group emailing while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. Being ad-free, BlueMail is the perfect replacement for your stock email app.

With a powerful unified interface experience packaged in an intuitive and easy to use design, BlueMail provides a top-notch email service for all your email accounts.

Users can benefit from a single, modern user experience across all of their devices without compromising on premium features, security, or privacy.

BlueMail Features:

• Personalized Inbox: Focus on the most important emails in your inbox with automated filtering that separates services from real people and makes it easy to visualize long chains of correspondence. Unified folders also make it simple to organize email across multiple accounts.

• Powerful Email Clustering and Groups: Take productivity to the next level with inbox clusters that organize your email into easy-to-read categories and quickly group contacts together to avoid having to type out multiple recipients.

• Share Email: Easily share emails with colleagues and communities without starting a long chain of replies or forwards. Using a secure link, users can share their emails through corporate intranets, social media platforms, or mobile messaging clients and interact without revealing their email addresses.

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