Arch Linux 2016.09.03 Ships with Kernel 4.7.2, Available for Download Now

Believe it or not, we completely forgot to write our usual story about the updated installation medium (a.k.a. ISO image) for the month of September 2016 of the famous Arch Linux operating system.

It appears that there wasn’t a release of the monthly Arch Linux ISO on the first day of September, as probably many of you had expected, but on the third, so one of our regular readers was kind enough to remind us about its availability for download from the distribution’s website.

So there you have it, Arch Linux 2016.09.03 is out, and it brings with it all the latest software versions and security patches that have been pushed to the distro’s official repositories since August 1, 2016, when the previous ISO image was announced, namely Arch Linux 2016.08.01.

Another exciting thing… (read more)

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