Wireshark 2.2.1 Network Protocol Analyzer Adds Ascend & K12 Capture File Support

Today, October 5, 2016, the Wireshark development team announced the release of the first maintenance update for the Wireshark 2.2 series of the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer software.

Announced a month ago, on September 7, Wireshark 2.2 was a major release that brought a large number of new features and improvements, such as support for SSL or TLS over TCP for the “Decode As” functionality, and the implementation of the “-d” option for “Decode As” to mimic the TShark functionality, or the ability to disable coloring rules instead of discarding them to provide backward compatibility with the coloring rule changes in Wireshark 2.2.

And, today, Wireshark 2.2.1 is here to further improve the stability of the software in an attempt to address a bunch of bugs and security vulnerabili… (read more)
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